Why A Fighter/Warrior?
The first question which most people ask is why should they play a fighter/Warrior? What are the pros and cons?
Fighter/Warrior is an optimal choice for a first toon because they can party or go independent easily, level quickly, have a quick learning curve, and are very strong at high levels.
The good things first:

· Fighters/Warriors are close-range attackers. They rely on attacks that do large amounts of damage quickly based on their strength stat.
· Fighters/Warriors do not need parties. They can solo easily and gain good exp doing it. This is great so that a player does not have to wait for a party.

· On the other hand, they can party well also. Often a duo with a priest/oracle is a wonderful way to get good exp as the fighter/warrior can take on mobs normally too hard for him/her.
· Fighters/Warriors also get multiple AOE’s. An aoe is an “Area of Effect” attack. What this means is that the attack hits every enemy in an area. Look for things like “hits all within 10 meters”. These attacks come in handy when you have several mobs attacking you at once.
· Fighters/Warriors are the classic killers in PVP. They can take some damage and deal damage amazingly quickly, one or two-hitting many of the squishier builds.

The Modes
Hard Mode: A Hard Mode player receives 7 stat points per level, which offers more room for variation and to develop your own style. You also receive 4 skill points per level. Some people stop at Hard Mode and never make the switch to UM, preferring to avoid Ultimate Mode’s dangers. Here you also will lose exp for a death.
Ultimate Mode: If you just unlocked Ultimate Mode, congratulations. This mode gives you the strongest possible character. This does not mean you are invincible, far from it. Be careful, for UM has its own curse. Here it is. Ready?

Every level, you will receive a certain amount of stat points which you can spend amongst some stats to improve your character. It is very important that you do this – your stat point allocation (or build) is one of the main ways to advance your character. I will cover builds later on in the guide but will go over the basics of the stats now.

If you are HM and looking for a quick answer to which build to use – put 4 points in str and 3 in dex every time you level, and you won’t go far wrong.
Generally, people agree that if you are going to put points into a statistic, you need to put a lot in (2 per level BARE MINIMUM), or none at all. Very few people believe that putting 1/level or even 1 every 2 levels is worthwhile.

  • Strength: Adds to physical attack power. Simply, how much damage you do. The most important stat for fighters.
  • Dexterity: Increases your hit percentage with physical attacks against enemies, improves your ability to evade attacks, and also gives Stamina Points that are required to use most fighter attacks. It also improves your damage with physical attacks slightly.
  • Rec: Adds a few Hit Points which is nice. It also increases your defense, which means you take less damage from physical attack.
  • Intelligence: Adds to magic attack power. You are a fighter, you don’t use magic. There is no advantage to improving this stat whatsoever for you.
  • Wisdom: Improves your healing abilities (a fighter has none), increases your magical resistance, increases your chance to hit for magic attacks (a fighter has none), increases Mana Points (needed for a few fighter skills). Rarely taken by fighters.
  • Luck: Every five points increases your critical hit % by 1%. It also improves the damage you deal on a critical hit, and slightly reduces the chance of opponents critical hitting you.

In addition to receiving stat points whenever you level up, you will also receive skill points.
You will -not- have enough skill points to put points in every skill. The game requires you to prioritize your skills and choose the most necessary ones only.
As you choose higher modes, you will receive more skill points, but also will receive new skills to choose from.
Skills tend to cost more points at higher levels – L1 of a skill may be only 2 or 3 points, but L6 may be 6 points.

As most NM players will only level to L40 (maybe L45 for the epic), most NM players will have enough points to get most or all of the skills available to them.
As a general rule, UM players tend to have an easier choice due to the fact that they get nearly twice the skill points of NM players, but only a few more skills to choose from.
If you’re aiming to make a high-level character, check the skill guide out and plan in advance, or you will end up spending a lot on skill resets!

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