Step 1: Talk to Ebenezer in Apulune near the mantle merchants (red circle on the map)

Step 2: talk to Edwina Jenner in Apulune in the Elf Embassy ( Blue Circle on map

Step 3: Go back to Ebenezer

Step 4: Go back to Edwina Jenner and she will ask you to kill one of 3 bosses for a “specimen” drop which you can turn in for a token of gratitude.

Step 5: You will need to bring 7 Tokens of Gratitudes back to Ebenezer for your choice of Wings or a Crit pet both of which are permanent.

The 3 bosses are
Polly ( Lv 1-15)
Candy (Lv 16-30)
Karamel (31-80)
The normal respawn time is 4-6 hours.

Credited to GM Alone



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