Here you will find a detailed guide of all the Quests related to Shaiya. This is a work in progress so please keep this in mind.

Basic Ui Quest
This will teach you how to use the user interface 1 time ress runeBeika/Aridon
Skills and StatsThis will teach you the basics on skills and statsTry out petBeika/Aridon
Novice PackThis will teach you about the beginners packs you will receive while leveling.3 Sprint Noss (NT)Beika/Aridon
Basic TrainingThis will teach you about the basics of killing task -kill three foxesTry out costume (NT)Beika/Aridon
LinkingThis will give you a basic tutorial on linking.Reward 3 beginner weapon lapisan box and safety scroll.
Recreation This is a basic tutorial on recreation of your equipment Reward 3 Mana, Hp and Sp remedies.
Town Teleport ScrollsThis is a basic tutorial on town teleport scrollsReward 20 town teleport.Beika/Aridon
Enchantment This is a basic tutorial on how to enchant itemsReward Beginners Armor lapisian box and safety scrolls
Time for Battle-This is a tutorial on the battlefieldsReward SP ress rune 1 day and knockout noss.

Aol Quests

Map 1


Simon the Guard

This is war (1) -talk to Simon again

This is war (2) -talk to Simon again

This is war (3) -talk to Simon again end of the line.

Burn Notice – Kill 5 Vueltas Spy end of the line

Lapael the Chief Guard
Refugee Aid -Kill 7 buffalo and deliver 7 meat to Yuris the refugee
Yuris the refugee
Procure supplies -kill 5 beika boars
Clearing the road -kill 5 bandit rogue soldiers and 5 bandit rogue blade masters
Roter the Head Miner
Prisoners Punish – kill 7 death eaters
Tough work (1) Kill 10 male death eater jailbreakers
Lambert the Village Head
Tough work (2) Kill 10 female death eater jailbreakers
Retrieve the logs – Kill Deatheater workers collect 7 polished wood.
Deliver the logs – Go to Botane Farm.
Beika the Farmer
Rat Catcher -kill 3 stray rats
Entering Keolloseu – kill 5 Elven Deserters and 5 Human Deserters. Visit Gilbert The Guard to redeem

Lunch Delivery – take lunch to Edward
Edward Benter
Regifting -visit Provisional Military Camp
Licholas Bentner
Food Tester- visit Roland the Guard
Roland the Guard
Junk Food – go back to Licholas Bentner

Refugee Resting Place
Degrit the Sober
My Precious- find the precious Belonging

Klear the Researcher
Help the refugees – Kill Cornwell followers
Zigrant the Wizard
Repeatable quests for Cornwells Ruins

Keolloseu Quests

Gilbert the Guard
Kill 5 human deserters
Moving In- Go see
Hans the Guard
Clear the area – kill 10 human deserters
Clear the area (2) -kill 10 elven deserters
Applying for battleground -go to 15 zone, meet Holis the Stronghold

Hans the Chief Guard
Reinforcement Request -help Punto the Scout
Punto the Scout
I Spy -kill 10 Vueltas Spies
Sealakel Slayer – kill 5 Sealakel Remnants and 5 Sealakel Refugees
Andy the supplier
Secure Supplies – Kill Keolloseu goats and boars collect 5 meat
Feeding Time – collect 10 more pieces of meat
Visit Astin Farm
Problem Solver – kill 10 Keolloseu bears
Orcs Why Orcs -kill 5 Hungry Orc Rogues and 5 Hungry Orc Archers
Brows the Research Head
Luddite – take and read
Clear the area – kill 3 Stonepick Goblin Shamans and 5 Stonepick Goblin Rogues
Retrieve the supplies – kill Stonepick Goblin Shamans and Stonepick Goblin Rogues
Collect 3 Tyros Parts

Ruin Excavation Team
Dennis the Lunatic
Science -collect 3 tyros parts (stone pick goblin rogues)
Technique the Scholar
Tracing – find 5 Signs of Seal ((broken)) incorrect description you need 10 to redeem

Klear the Researcher
Help the refugees – Kill Cornwell followers
Zigrant the Wizard
Repeatable quests for Cornwells Ruins
Warrior Altair
Daily Quest for core key
Mount Costume Quests
Mother of Raptors
Raptor Pet Quest
Director Talaman
Shared Research – 12 Tyros box party and 5 Steal Hearts (( unknown)) notes if you complete the quest from Science the parts no longer drop from those mobs
Crazy Halis
Research Grants -10 Tyros battery packs and 5 steal hearts
Researcher Alkantra
Lapis Recovery – collect 60 red extraction packs and 60 purple extraction pack.
Researcher Silveria
Parts Recovery – collect 50 shining steel crystals and 50 tyros scopes.
Linadra the Alchemist
Old Notes -Go visit Curni
Metal Synthesis – Collect Tyros Head – think this item does not drop
Lost Notes – travel to 15 zone, retrieve journal
A Father’s Pride -take back to Linadra
Thomas Gellan
Heal Over – collect potion of goddess (not in-game)

Map 2
Artikius Village

Kind Matilda -Go find Matilda
Tears of the Beholder – Collect 3
Wilon’s Liquor (3) – Go visit Wilon
The Village That Became Silent -Go find Claude
Doltin Coper
Doltin’s New Technique -collect 30 spirit cores
Wyvern Eggs and the Waters Edge – Collect 5 eggs
A Letter From Claude -Go visit Craig
Wilon’s Liquor – go see Adam
Eh Teeyehn
BlackBeard Clan Brawl (1) – Kill 10 Blackbeard Fighters
Uncomfortable Relationship – buy medicine from Rochen
Interrupter Sealakel -Kill 5 Sealakel Fighters
Interrupter Sealakel (2) -Kill 5 Sealakel Disorderlys
Treacherous Elder Dempnun – Priest battle Dempnum

Rochen Sheldon
Uncomfortable Relationship (2) -go see Salmon
Strange Sign
Suspicious Request – go to Oten
Disturbances Elimination – Quest broken
Arnold Quick
Bully Goblins – kill 5 Butcher goblins
Bully Goblins (2) -Kill 3 Goblin bodyguards and 1 sub-boss
Goblin Boss Kerlark -Kill Kerlark
Treasure of the Pirate Clan- find the shining ruby
Homecoming -Go see Aidens Fiance
Revenge -Kill Mean Sneaky
Wanted Sign
The Wanted List – Kill Subcaptain Turbako and collect his head
Extravagant Antique -Collect 5 antique jars (rockshovel)
Appraisal Request – Go see Carlo
Carlo Onell
Appraisal Request (2) -Return to Kirby
Fiancee Of Aiden
Broken Engagement – Return ring to Aiden
Poor Souls -Kill 3 White Sand Corpses and 3 Gloogy Girls
Existence – kill soul extorters collect detained spirits
Catherine Parker
A Failed Experiment – kill 15 gargoyles
Gwain Primer
Epic – go visit Creath Question (reference Epic Quest Post)
Grape Thief – Kill 10 Fedion Monkeys
Whining for Love – Find the Dwarf named Bud collect the wine
Neil WaterSaga
Water Analysis -Kill Madfisher collect his ear
Water Analysis (2) -Kill Madhorn
Water Analysis (3) -Collect the Feather of MadWing.
Farin Silverhawk
Crom Stonehammer – Collect the Stonehammer plans
Druncas Trip Preparation – Kill Fedion Antelope collect 5 Horns
Suspicious Rumor – Go find Duster
Another Secret – Deliver the letter to Daisy
Another Secret (2) -Go to Artkuis Village
Another Secret (4)- Go see Drunca
Agatha’s Errand -Go visit Vanessa
Tbon Sheldon
Another Secret (3) -Return to Daisy
Stonehammer Dwarf – Kill Stonehammer Defense Guards collect 10 weapons
Stonehammer Dwarf (2) -Kill 5 Dwarf Miners and 5 Dwarf Masters
The Secret Revealed -Kill 5 Fed Boars
The Secret Revealed (2) -Go see Drunca
How are you Agatha – Go visit Agatha
Explorer Kei
Kei – Go to Doris in Stable Erde
FrostWoods Purification – kill 5 frost wood killer
Woods of Oblivion -Kill Frostwood Zombies collect 3 bloody bones
Creath Question
Creath’s Theory – Kill Crazy Gargoyles collect 7 stones
Researching the source of power – Kill Elaste gargoyles collect 5 pebbles
Researching the source of power (2) – Kill Elaste Stone Golems collect 5 yellow pebbles
Vercernya Favor – Go see Basaltes
LordRock Elimination – Kill LordRock
Suspicious Plan – Kill Maint Orc Spirit
Silvaren Invasion Cessation
Tree Killing Monster -Kill 5 Willesou Nepenhentes

Glowing Feather – Kill harpies find the glowing feather
The Offense is the Best Defense
Kubex Allter
Heretics Punishment – Kill 5 Mait Woods Guards
Heretics Punishment (2) – Kill 5 Mait Priests and 5 Mait God Servant
Leader of the Heretics -Kill bashtank
Larsen Druimos
Offense is the Best Defense (2) -Kill Eldain Wood sealakels and collect 5 spines
Arrow Order -Go to Goldihen
Wanted Sign
Wanted Harpy Leader – Collect head of Manura
Wanted Golem -Kill Dorophas collect the head.
Lavenne WaterSaga
Lavenne’s New Technique- Collect 30 NightMare Cores
Prisien Shainstone
Ranger of Meia Forest -go see Ripilis Greenbird
Pixie’s Forest – Kill pixies collect 5 pieces of stone
Pixie Queen Ezolob – Kill the pixie queen
Luine’s Worry -Go to Lavenne WaterSaga
Silvaren Invasion Cessation -Kill Mait Legendary Soldiers collect 5 plans
Silvaren Invasion Cessation (2) -Go talk to Parma
Silvaren Invasion (5)- Kill Cruel and collect his head
Arrow Material Gathering -Kill FrostWoods Gargoyles collect 10 talons.
Reply to an Order- Deliver Letter to Larsen

Pagan Vidarr
Vidarr’s Favor – Collect essence of Witch
Warrior Kvasir
A Favor for Kvasir – Collect thin meats (no drop)
Assassin Embla
Embla’s Favor – Collect Broken Cores

Map  Three


Haroki Wildwind
Ures Needs Help -Go find Ures
Blinel Starbreeze
Copper Peg Clan Chief Moraishi -Kill Chief Moraishi
Riplis Greenbird
Fearless Goblins -Kill 5 Copper peg watchers and 5 soldiers
Beluto the fisherman -Kill 5 Harpy Guards and 5 Mud Devourers
Beluto’s Information Network -take and redeem
Info about a Glass Carving -go visit Edel
Dwarf Sweep -Kill 10 Dwarf workers and 10 Dwarf Skilled Masters
Dwarf Sweep (2) – go to Tehan
Information About a Glass Carving (2) -Collect 20 Silver Scissors
You Got a Glass Carving – go visit Dear Castine
Henya Kind
Henya’s Worry – Kill BlackBreath collect 3 small jewel cases.
A Sister in Skulleron- go to Keidline Kind.
Black Breath Gang -Go see Eisen
Black Breath Gang (2) -Kill 5 BlackBreath Thieves and 5 Pickpockets
Black Breath Gang (3) -Hunt BlackBreath Chasers collect code of blackbreath
Another Chance -Go to Earane
Janet Castine
Janet and Dear – Kill 15 Harpys
Janets Favor – Go find Dear Castine
Dear Castine
Something to Hold Dear -Kill Black Breath Thieves or Pickpockets collect 10 ornaments
A Chat with Balt Randolph -Go find Balt Randolph
Cuper Anka
Occupied Town -go see Jason
Earane Torero
BlackBreath Gang Elimination – Kill 10 Black Breath Gang Grave Diggers
BlackBreath Gang Elimination (2) –
Karl Beinhawk
Karl’s New Technique – Collect 30 manitou cores
Food Supply Disturbance -Kill 10 Bigeye Tatoramos and 10 Bighorn Larvas
Pest Control -Kill 10 Barren Ground Arachne
Pest Control (2) -Kill 10 Barren Ground Captors and 10 Barren Ground Watchers
Eorte Dulkies
The Dead Earth -Kill 10 DeadField Guards and 10 DeadField Watchers
Huigronn Sign
Disorderly Conduct -Kill 7 Harpy Summoners and 7 Sealakel Chasers

Lote Bellone
Restocking Material -collect 15 feathers of Harpy
Delivery to Huigronn Stronghold -Go find Narke
Stolen Research Data -Kill Sumatra Sealakel Summoners collect the research data.
Copper Peg Sweep – Kill 10 Copper Peg Looters and 10 Goblin Warriors
Aytee Yehen
Tempting Scale -Collect 7 scales of sealakels
Liel Uodia
The Nasty Fish Smell -Kill 15 Sumatra Sealakels.
Liel’s Suggestion -Go find Janet Castine
Research Disturbance – Kill 15 Sealakel Summoners.
Sealakel Sweep – Kill 7 Sealakel Priest and the boss Spisus
Leterr Philon
Corpse Discovery -Go see Soron
Occupied Town (2) – Collect Plans of WarEdge
Occupied Town (3) -Go see Monokeros
Business with Doubtn- Kill 10 Dwarf workers and 10 Skilled Masters
Dwarf Elimination -Kill Dwarf workers and Skilled Masters collect Iron ore and Adamars ores
Grayln Silverhawk
Personal Revenge -Kill Proll Burning Stone
Occupied Town (4) -Kill 10 War Edge Legendary Soldiers and 10 Dwarf Watchers
Erina Probicio
Catering to Balt -take and redeem
Cheese With Your Whine -go visit Nomion Melos
The Glamour of Glinfiddich -Go visit Beluto
Narke Kiron
Finding Different Material -collect 10 fine feathers of Harpy

Nomion Melos
Nomion Melos Help -Visit Balt Randolph
A Small Aid -Kill 10 WarEdge Shamans and 10 WarEdge Warriors
Duin Silverhawk
Libel -Kill 10 BlackMaul Dwarf Explorers and 10 Burning Stone Dwarf Explorers
Wisen Allter
Stop the Information Leak -BlackMaul Dwarf Explorers and Burning Stone Dwarf Explorers collect 20 Exploration Reports
God of Another World -Kill 10 Low-class Lipiluss Warriors and 10 HighClass Lipiluss Warriors.
God of Another World (2) -Kill 10 Aquiris Succubus and 10 Beholders
God of Another World (3) Kill 3 Aquiris Tor Iron Golem and Kill Moraz
BlackBreath Gang Elimination (3) -Kill 15 Mountain Guards and 10 Bandits
Confrontation with Deatheater Army – Go visit Neirdel
BlackBreath Gang Annihilation Tactics – Kill Black Breath Robbers and collect 10 Stolen Weapons
Confrontation with Deatheater Army(2) – Kill 10 Primomum Warriors and 10 Deputy Commanders
Confrontation with Deatheater Army(3) -Kill 3 Primomum Squad Leaders and Commander Crotum

Guardian Fafnir
Collect 2 Dark Mage Stones
Hunter Halphas
Collect 2 Manitou Cores
Oracle Ymir
Collect 2 Gold Scissors

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