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Canyon of Greed

Valdemar Regnum

Palaion Regnum



Stable Erde (Only WE and US)

Level 70+

New PvP Rules

New PvP Rules

# 3 – PvP Rules

Please keep in mind that you can be killed when you enter a pvp zone. Protect your character to avoid losing items or the character itself!

PvP can happen wherever it is allowed.

Most of the dungeons on the PvP maps are available for both factions. Please, bear in mind that those are also battlefields and the PvP area rules are applicable.

A Game Master ( [tgm], [GM] ) who is in-game is always performing GM duties. It is forbidden to attack or kill a Game Master at any time on any map or zone. Exception is if there is a scheduled and posted PvP the GM event.

Strictly forbidden:

– stay/farm/kill in an area of the map Stable Erde when a higher level than the level restrictions is reached. This means, for example, that no level 80 may stay in the area level 60-65. (US and WE only)

– use of the Oracle/Priest skill « Evolution » during PvP and boss fights

– disadvantage to your own faction

– Giving kills to the other faction repeatedly with a lower level character in a pvp map

– Entering the cities of Elysium (Pantanasa) and Custodia (Theodores) by the opposing faction

– Kill Stat Padding. This refers to the repeated killing of a character (usually, but not necessarily lvl 1) that does not defend itself, or using ones own character in the opposite faction to gain kills

– Walking the edges of a map or climbing somewhere where you can’t normally climb is prohibited. Attempting to do that action using cheat/hack, F12 / PrtScr

– By entering a PvP area the player understands and accepts all these rules.





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