The guild system awaits you with many new features that promise plenty of fun. One of the main functions is the guild house, which can be obtained in Guild Ranking Battles(GRB) which is every Saturday at 8 pm CET. Players get scores by killing the mobs for their level and help their guild to get high ranks in Guild Ranking List.


Features of the Guild System


Grade Store in GWH Take from GHW Upgrade NPCs Up/Degrade guild members Invite guild battle Guild House Admission
1 ✔(max rank 2)
2 ✔(max rank 3)


*GH = Guild House

*GHW = Huild Warehouse

*NPC = Non-Player Character


Guild House


      Guild House (Alliance of Light)             Guild House (Union of Fury)


To buy a Guild House:


– You have to be a guild leader

– You must have 50,000,000 gold in your inventory

– Your guild must be in the top 30 guild ranking


If the upper 3 conditions are met, you can acquire your guild house after 5 days. The player needs 1000 etin for the maintenance.


Note: If you fall below Rank 30 within the 5 days, access to the Guild House is no longer possible. So always keep an eye on your rank!


NPC Structure of the Guild House


NPC Feature
Gate Keeper Allows free transport to different regions. The higher your portal guardian, the more regions are available.
Weapon Merchant Sells weapons for a low price. The higher the level, the more weapons are available.
Protection Merchant Sells armors for a low price. There are more armor available the higher the level of the armor trader.
Guild Warehouse Used to store or remove items from the Guild. As the level of the warehouse increases, the available spots and maintenance costs increase.
Blacksmith Repairs items and use Lapis. The chance of linking lapis as well as its maintenance costs increase with its level.
Liquid Medicine Merchant Sells cheap potions. As the level increases, the trader’s prices will be lower, but their upkeep costs will be higher.
Professional Trader Sells all sorts of useful goods. With increasing dealer level his prices fall.


Note: Etin, which is required for the upgrade of each NPC and its maintenance, can only be acquired through Guild Ranking Battle or the Etin Guild Tasks.


Upgrading NPCs

It is possible to upgrade the NPCs in the guild house. Grades of NPCs can only be performed by eligible guild members. The costs are automatically charged during server maintenance times.


Services Overview


Overview Management
In the service overview the current maintenance costs of the NPCs can be viewed. All NPCs, except for the warehouse, blacksmith and liquid medicine merchant, are exempt from maintenance costs. The costs are billed weekly. In this overview you can also see the respective level of NPCs. In the service management you can upgrade the NPCs. The members up to level 2, as well as the guild leader are allowed to perform this. No NPC can be downgraded! In the overview you can also see its next level.
  • Guild Etin – Number of available Etin in the Guild.

– Usable Etin – Sum in Etin after deducting the maintenance costs of the following week.

– Sum of maintenance costs – Weekly costs of the Guild House


Guild administration

The guild administration is the place to prepare for guild ranking. You can find the portal there to join the Guild Ranking Battle. Notes are displayed shortly before the fight begins and each participant enters the waiting room to prepare for the fight.


The Portal Guard for Guild Administration can be found here:


– Alliance of Light: Ereumana, Keolloseu

– Union of Fury: Reikiuseu, Gliter


Etin Store

Etin can only be stored via the administrator. The Etin in your own inventory will be automatically stored upon confirmation. If you do not want to store everything, you can leave as many Etin in your own warehouse.


What is GRB? (Guild Ranking Battle)

In order to give even smaller guilds the chance of success in the ranking, here’s a small crash course, what the ranking is about and how it should work.


Aim and points

Ranking is all about scoring as many points as possible in an hour (Saturdays , 8pm-9pm CET), when as many people in a guild as possible kill together on the guild ranking Map Monster. The map is divided into 3 areas:


– PvE 1-15 -> 2 points per killed monster + 1 important boss (Sirvana)

– PvE 16-30 -> 3 points per mob + 1 important boss (Silvanus) + 1 other boss (Kalion)

– PvE 31-60 -> 1 point per mob + 1 major boss (Eiphilos) + 1 other boss (Panthera) -> Final Boss (Old Willow)


In addition, there are points for the number of members who were on the ranking map (but rather low share of about 20 points). The 60s ranking area is very hard and not really effective before 58. Therefore, small guilds should focus on the 30s area. Bosses give many points (between 2000 and 10000).


Sirvana = 3,500 points (100 Etin)

Silvanus = 2,000 points (100 etin)

Kalion = 3,000 points (100 etin)

Pantera = 4,000 points (100 etin)

Eiphilos = 3,000 points (100 etin)

Old pasture = 10,000 points (1,000 etin)



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