The monsters of Shaiya are dominated by 5 elements. Each of these elements has its own weaknesses and strengths. Magicians and archers have the ability to set their attack on a particular element, depending on their preferences.


One should know that
-Fire attacks are strong against wind monsters, but weak against water monsters
-Wind attacks are strong against monster, but weak against fire monsters
-Earth attacks are strong against water monsters, but weak against wind monsters
-Water attacks are strong against fire monsters, but weak against earth monsters.



All other element relationships also to neutral behave the same. If you attack with the right element against an element monster, you make a damage of about 150%, but the wrong one of 50%. The element of each monster is readable by the two balls on the side of its name (in the following picture, the elements, colors, and weaknesses and strengths are assigned again.). Furthermore, it is always good to have an element weapon, since element weapons in comparison to neutral weapons always make 25% more damage to all monsters (exception: the counter Element).

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