Bonus from PvP-Rank

Ranking (PvP-Rank) up allows players to gain access to more stats. These stats may be allocated just like other stats and are a bonus on top of stats gained while leveling up.
Note: Once a player reaches level 16, ranks can be redeemed for stat points in Apulune** or Iris*.

Death is just another part of battle. Each death brings you one step closer to a small gold compensation. Only Basic mode and Ultimate mode characters qualify.

Increase PvP-Rank

  1. Go to the appropriate PvP battlefield for your level (1-15, 20-30 or 1-60)
  2. Defeat the opponent’s faction and get PvP kills
RangKillsBM∑ BMUM∑ UMSymbolName
111111blaue Seele - Rang 1Blue Angel
2503434blauer Botenengel - Rang 2Blue Archangel
33005959blauer Schutzengel - Rang 3Blue Principalies
41.000716716blauer Kriegsengel - Rang 4Blue Powers
55.00012281228blauer Todesengel - Rang 5Blue Virtues
610.00018461846blauer junger Erzengel - Rang 6Blue Dominions
720.00018642066blauer weiser Erzengel - Rang 7Blue Thrones
830.00021852288blauer mächtiger Erzengel - Rang 8Blue Cherubim
940.0002110624112blaues Fürstentum - Rang 9Blue Seraphim
1050.0002212826138blaue Gewalt - Rang 10Blue Balrog
1170.0002215026164blaue Macht - Rang 11Blue Astaroth
1290.0002217226190blaue Herrschaft - Rang 12Blue Mephisto
13110.0002319527217blauer Thron - Rang 13Blue Leviathan
14130.0002321827244blauer Cherubim - Rang 14Blue Behemoth
15150.0002324127271blauer Seraphim - Rang 15Blue Asmodeus
16200.0002426528299gelbe Seele - Rang 16Yellow Angel
17250.0002428928327gelber Botenengel - Rang 17Yellow Archangel
18300.0002431328355gelber Schutzengel - Rang 18Yellow Principalies
19350.0002433728383gelber Kriegsengel - Rang 19Yellow Powers
20400.0002436128411gelber Todesengel - Rang 20Yellow Virtues
21450.0002438528439gelber junger Erzengel - Rang 21Yellow Dominions
22500.0002541029468gelber weiser Erzengel - Rang 22Yellow Thrones
23550.0002543529497gelber mächtiger Erzengel - Rang 23Yellow Cherubim
24600.0002546029526gelbes Fürstentum - Rang 24Yellow Seraphim
25650.0002548529555gelbe Gewalt - Rang 25Yellow Balrog
26700.0002551029584gelbe Macht - Rang 26Yellow Astaroth
27750.0002653630614gelbe Herrschaft - Rang 27Yellow Mephisto
28800.0002656230644gelber Thron - Rang 28Yellow Leviathan
29850.0002658830674gelber Cherubim - Rang 29Yellow Behemoth
30900.0002661430704gelber Seraphim - Rang 30Yellow Asmodeus
311.000.0002664030734Metatron - Rang 31Metatron

* Union of Fury Elite trainers can be found in Iris in the “Narsilians hall”.

Elite-AusbilderEliteausbilder Map

** Alliance of Light Elite trainers can be found in the area “Stardust-Knight” in Apulune.


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