What are Greendieta wings?
For these wings there is a new extra slot. They are available from level 61 +, can be reconstructed, give + 10 to all values, but are not tradable (character bound). There are two different types of wings per page to choose From. There are also the cross-factional wings of Valor.
How can you get them?
You can find the quest givers for the Quest “Greendieta wings” in Gliter/Keo
talk to the NPC Greendieta Hailey in Gliter (x = 1088 Z = 1088)

Wings of Fury

Wings of the Demons Wings of Deception

– Light: talk to the NPC Greendieta sienna in Keolloseu (x = 932 z = 808)

Wings of Alliance of Light

Wings of AngelsWings of Illusion

To get these Greendieta wings, three different springs must be collected:-light: talk to the NPC Greendieta sienna in Keolloseu (x = 932 z = 808)

 1x Feather of Beauty
 1x Feather of Bravery
 1x Feather of Nobility

Note: these feathers are Tradable.
Where do you get these feathers?
Feather of beauty drops in the Caelum Dungeons (Greendieta & Sacra)
Feather of Bravery drops in d water
Feather of the Nobility comes from  the item mall by the Greendieta wing Wheel of FORTUNE.
What is the Light Collector shop?
The Light collector shop is a collection of NPC which are located in Auction House. where you can exchange your light collectors  for 1 Nobility Mystery box.  With good luck you will get a feather of the Nobility from this Mystery box!

How do you get the Light cores?
You need the first earth alchemy powder, they are a world drop everywhere on Teo.
The 5 earth alchemy powder can be exchanged in iris/Apulune for land tear and then 5 land tears can be exchanged for a light collector. Both Quest NPCs can be found in Iris/Apulune.

Summary: 5 earth alchemy powder → 1 land tear
5 land tear → 1 light collector
light collector → 1 Nobility Mystery box.


Wings of Gods

Lokis WingsThors Wings

Where do I get the new wings?
The new wings are obtained through a quest that can be accepted in Apulune. To complete the quest, you need 125 ‘ feather of the gods ‘, which can be dropped at 8 different bosses scattered across the PvP areas.
These wings can be worn by both factions.

Info: all wings cannot be transferred!

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