The Shaiya de server was opened on 12.24.2007. Since then there have been several episodes with many innovations.
Below you can see an overview of the new episodes.


Shaiya Episode 2-Dragon 2
-Clorons angle (light) and Fantasmas (dark)
-Cryptics Throne 1 (Ct 1)


Shaiya Episode 3-Goddess ‘ guidance 
-Stable Erde
-Deep Desert
-Caelum Dungeon
-Guild System (Guild House, Guild fights)


Shaiya Episode 4-Cross-server PVP- New PvP Ranks

-Dimension Battlegrounds
-Raids with 30 players
-New Item Upgrade system (Enchantment)
-Oblivion Insula (Lapis St. 6)
-Auction House


Shaiya Episode 4.5-Caelum Sacra 

-Caelum Sacra
-Increase of the maximum Kill rank from 200,000 to 1 million


Shaiya Episode 5.1-Preparation

-Revision of the skill system
-Introduction of the world map


Shaiya Episode 5.2 – Relic of Mystra 

-Increase of the maximum level to 70
-Valdemar Regnum (light) and Palaion regnum (dark)
-Kanos Illium Invasion system
-Lapis St. 7


Shaiya Episode 5.3-Regnum Den

-Severius Colony (light) and Caput colony (dark)
-Expansion of the trading system by another confirmation button
-Wedding card “Gate of the Goddess” velvet wedding outfits
-Oblivion Insula, participation is now possible with only 7 people instead of 18
-Premium Reconstruction Runes


Shaiya Episode 5.4-The Return of Cryptic 

-Cryptics Dimension (Ct 2)


Shaiya Episode 6.1 – Trinity 

-Increase of the maximum level to 80
-Pantanasa (Light) and Teodores (dark)
-Lapis St. 8, jewelery Lapis St. 2, dual-Lapis V6, absorption Lapis St. 8 & 9
-Revision of skills
-Set bonus for Armor & Jewelry
-New Interface


Shaiya episode 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4

-Canyon of greed (from level 71) with invasion system
-Dread Dungeon (level 18-22, group instance)
-Costumes and pets
-Perfect Lapisa
-Premium XP Stone St. 2 & 3
-Starter Package
-Revision of character modes; Only ‘ beginner mode ‘ and ‘ Ultimate mode ‘ are available


Shaiya Episode 7.0-Iron Invasion 

-Subdivision of Deep Desert into Goddess Zone
-Infinite Sanctuary (core 1 to 5)
-Invasion event in Proelium limit, “Cantabilian” and “D-Water borderland”
-Mechanics Lapis St. 1, St. 2 and St. 3
-Battlefield button
-Introduction of a crafting system for the production of various items
-Dyes for armor/weapons/costumes pets//Mounts


Shaiya Episode 7.2  

-Update of character design
-Additional Bossdrops


Shaiya Episode 8 – Iron Heart 

-new skills, including transformation
-Enchantment, link, reconstruction from inventory
-New Enchantment System
-Lapis St. 9
-Revision of the drops (elemental Lapis etc. are now available from monsters)
-Greendieta Wing

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